What Is The Best Silk Pillowcase, Australia?

Looking for the best silk pillowcase Australia has on offer? Well you’re in the right place!

There are some great options out there and, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, I’m here to help you figure it all out! Whether you want to learn about the benefits of silk pillowcases or just get to the perfect option quickly, we have just what you need.

First, check our handy comparison chart. Then, we’ve reviewed some of the top rated silk pillowcases on the market. Finally, learn all about what features to look for and how to choose the right option.

So whether you want the absolute best silk pillowcase on the market or just the most affordable silk pillowcase out there – we’ve got them all!

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Our Pick for the Best Silk Pillowcase, Australia

These Home Republic pure silk pillowcases from Adairs are definitely my top pick from all the options here. They’re made from super high quality 100% mulberry silk and feel soft and silky to the touch. The thing I love the most about them though is that they’re available in a whopping 14 colour choices! That’s rare for other brands and it’s nice to not be stuck with the same old pink, beige or silver options.

Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the best silk pillow cases reviewed in this article.

Home Republic
14 Standard
4 Standard 4.7/5Check
Gioia Casa
10Standard 4.7/5Check
Royal Comfort
Luxor Crown
Luxor Crown Set of 2 Mulberry Silk Standard Pillowcases (White)
Bed Bath n' Table

What are the Benefits of Silk Pillowcases?

So you’ve heard all sorts of things about silk pillowcase benefits and why they’re so good, but you’re probably wondering about the main benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases, and whether they’re worth the hype. Well, there are quite a few benefits, so let’s look at these now.

an image of a happy lady holding the best silk pillowcase

Skin benefits

You may not know, but cotton pillowcases actually suck moisture from our skin, meaning we wake up with dehydrated skin, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. The best silk pillowcase for skin won’t take much needed moisture, so our skin feels much more refreshed in the morning.

This also means any creams or lotions we use before bed will work more effectively, as the pillowcase won’t absorb them.

If you often wake up with pillow creases on your face (guilty!), then a silk pillowcase could work for you. The smooth fabric reduces pillow friction, so you’ll wake up crease free.

Hair benefits

The hair benefits of a silk pillowcase are probably the ones you’ve heard most about, especially if you have curly or afro hair. Like with the skin benefits, these are linked to the fact that silk pillowcases don’t absorb moisture as much as cotton ones. The moisture stays in your hair, meaning no frizz or dryness in the morning.

Cotton pillowcases can be rough and harsh on our hair. The best silk pillowcase for hair will be totally smooth, with no friction during the night. This leads to less breakage of hair, and so less noticeable split ends.

Other benefits

Other benefits of silk pillowcases that you may not have thought about include:

  • Hypoallergenic – silk is a natural material and so is the perfect material for asthmatics to sleep on.
  • Cooler – silk is much cooler than cotton, and so if you find yourself getting too hot at night, a silk pillowcase could be your answer.

Take a look at our favourite quilts here for the ultimate good night’s sleep!

Silk vs Satin Pillowcase?

The benefits of a silk pillowcase come from its natural origins. It’s hypoallergenic and chemical-free. It’s completely smooth with no added materials to cause roughness.

Satin, on the other hand, is a man-made material. It consists of different materials including nylon and polyester. While it does sometimes contain silk too, it will never be as smooth or natural as pure silk.

Silk works well for our skin and hair because of its natural properties, i.e. less moisture intake than cotton. Satin just can’t compete with this.

What’s the Best Silk for Pillowcases?

There are many types of silk, but the best silk for pillowcase is mulberry silk. This natural, odourless silk is breathable, soft and hypoallergenic.

The silk comes from the cocoons of Bombyx mori moth caterpillars, who are raised in ideal conditions to create the lightest, smoothest silk threads. They’re fed only white mulberry leaves, which is where the silk gets its name.

Sometimes this pure silk is combined with other fabrics, so to ensure the best quality pillowcase, look for 100% mulberry silk.

What to Consider Before Buying

So what other things should you think about before buying a silk pillowcase? Let’s look at some of these now.


Silk is measured by its weight, rather than thread count. The weight is measured by a momme. Clothes are generally made from silk with a weight of between 8 and 16, while upholstery tends to use heavier silk with a weight of up to 30.

If you’re looking for high quality, durable pillowcase, you’ll want to be looking at 22 momme or above.

Ease of use

One of the best features of a silk pillowcase is how smooth it is. This smoothness is one of its biggest assets for keeping your skin and hair hydrated. This also means it needs to be perfectly fitted, to avoid moving around too much while you sleep, so make sure you get the correct size for your pillow.

It’s also worth thinking about how it closes. Zippers are best to keep it snug and in place, but buttons and slip covers work just as well.

Silk is notoriously hard to clean carefully, so look for washing instructions and follow them properly.

Colour & design

Silk pillowcases come in a few colours, but aren’t widely sold. If you’re looking for a specific colour, you might be disappointed, so it’s best to look for classic colours, like black, white or grey.

Their popularity is growing, meaning more and more designs are popping up, so it’s worth looking around to see which one fits your style best.

Silk Pillowcase Reviews

Take a look at our silk pillowcase reviews and choose which one is the best for you personally. 

Home Republic Pure Silk

These 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcases are soft and smooth, while still being durable and hardy enough for everyday use.

With a range of 14 different colours, you have plenty of choice to find the perfect match for you. The colours are deep and look exactly as advertised, and as long as you follow the washing instructions, shouldn’t run or fade.

They also come in a gorgeous box, perfect if you’re thinking about buying one as a gift for a loved one.

  • 100% mulberry silk
  • Choice of 14 colours
  • Two sizes (standard or king)

Click here to check price on Adairs

Ecosa Silk Pillowcase

This gorgeously soft pillowcase is perfect for keeping your hair silky smooth night after night, along with helping keep acne and skin irritations at bay.

While the average momme for a silk pillowcase is 22, this is one weighs in at a high 25, so it’s more durable and easy to wash, as well as being wonderfully luxurious. There’s no zipper, so the pillowcase may move a little during the night, but it’s worth it for how your skin will feel in the morning.

There are only four colours to choose from, but they’re classic and neutral so will fit in with most colour schemes.

  • 100% mulberry silk
  • Choice of four colours
  • One size (standard)

Click here to check price on Ecosa

Shhh Silk Zippered Pillowcase

If you’re looking for something a little different, these pillowcases could be just the thing. There’s the usual benefits, frizz-free hair, and smooth, wrinkle free skin, but these pillowcases also come in stunning marble patterns to add a modern touch to your bed.

Their zipper ensures the case stays on your pillow during the night, with no slipping around so you’re comfortable all night.

There’s a choice of four colours, which are soft and neutral, as well as the white and black marble options. To make it even better, for every purchase, Shhh Silk donates a portion of the cost to a charity of your choice.

  • 100% mulberry silk
  • Choice of six colours
  • Three sizes (standard, king or travel)

Click here to check price on Shhh Silk

Gioia Casa 100% Mulberry

Founded in Melbourne, Gioia Casa aims to create fashionable and quality items, at an affordable price, and their silk pillowcases are no exception.

With anti-allergy properties, and made from 100% mulberry silk, they are soft, promote good health, and luxurious to sleep on.

Like other silk pillowcases, these help prevent skin creases, acne and wrinkles, as well as regulating your temperature during the night and keeping your hair frizz-free.

  • 100% mulberry silk
  • Choice of ten colours
  • One size (standard)

Click here to check price on Amazon

Click here to check price on Catch.com.au

Royal Comfort Mulberry

This twin pack is one of the best you can get, in terms of value for money. The silk is 100% mulberry silk, with a smooth texture and all the benefits that come with it.

The silk is only on one side of the pillowcase, with a non-slip material on the other, but because the silk is so breathable, this doesn’t really matter. The silk regulates your temperature, so there’s no need to flip the pillow over.

With a classic white gift box, this is the perfect set to gift someone their first silk pillowcases.

  • 100% mulberry silk (on front)
  • Choice of eight colours
  • One size (standard)

Click here to check price on Catch.com.au 

Ramesses Pure Mulberry

Another twin pack, these one sided silk pillowcases are the perfect introduction to the world of sleeping on silk.

The steel blue colour is gorgeous, although there are others available if this doesn’t match your current bedding. The top side is 100% mulberry silk, while the bottom is non-slip microfibre so it doesn’t slip around while you sleep.

Perfect for those with sensitive skin, these naturally hypoallergenic pillowcases help to decrease wrinkles, skin irritations and chronic acne, while being gentle and soft on your skin.

  • 100% mulberry silk (on front)
  • Choice of five colours
  • One size (standard)

Click here to check price on Catch.com.au 

Luxor Crown Mulberry Silk

Luxor Crown Set of 2 Mulberry Silk Standard Pillowcases (White)

These silk pillowcases come in a gorgeous gift box, making them the perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, or even just a Tuesday.

With a 100% mulberry silk front, and a non-slip polyester back, they’ll be soft and gentle on your skin, without moving about in the night. You won’t be able to turn to the cold side of the pillow, but its temperature regulating properties mean you won’t need to.

They’re easy to clean, just throw them in the washing machine on a cold wash, air dry and iron on a cool setting.

  • 100% mulberry silk (on front)
  • Choice of 16 colours
  • One size (standard)

Click here to check price on Amazon

Bed Bath n Table 

These gorgeous silk pillowcases come in a range of rich deep colours to make your bedroom super luxurious so you look forward to every bedtime. From classic white to rich navy blue, there’s a colour to match any room.

Both sides are made from 100% mulberry silk, so they’re perfect for allergy sufferers or asthmatics who struggle with man-made materials.

Make sure you wash this pillowcase prior to using, and turn it inside in subsequent washes, and it will be your best bedtime buddy for a long time.

  • 100% mulberry silk
  • Choice of nine colours
  • One size (standard)

Click here to check price on Bed Bath n’ Table

Slip Zippered Pillowcase

With 100% mulberry silk, 22 momme and a commitment to non-toxic dyes, this pillowcase is soft, silky and natural, while being durable and breathable.

This pillowcase is a little more expensive than others on this list, but the quality can’t be denied. There’s also a large range of colours and patterns, including marbled and feathered.

You can choose from a zippered opening, or an envelope opening, but in my opinion the zip is better, as it keeps the pillowcase in place for a better night’s sleep.

  • 100% mulberry silk
  • Choice of 13 colours
  • One size (standard)

Click here to check price on Slip

Muse Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The MUSE pillowcase is another good option to consider if you’re looking for one made of 100% Mulberry silk. You can enjoy the many benefits of this pillowcase as it is hypoallergenic, gentle and sensitive to both the skin and hair. 

The Muse pillowcase is available in 5 luxurious colours and is presented in a beautiful box which can make a perfect gift for your loved ones too!

  • 100% mulberry silk 
  • 5 luxurious colours to choose from 
  • One size (standard) 

Click here to check price on Pillow Talk

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How do I care for a silk pillowcase?

Follow the instructions! Seriously, don’t wash it too hot, air dry it, and iron it on a cool setting. Silk pillowcases can be expensive, so don’t ruin them by not following the care instructions.

What is silk charmeuse?

Charmeuse is a type of weaving silk strands to create the fabric. If you’re looking for high quality silk, always look for charmeuse. It creates a polished, smooth, gorgeous feeling silk of the highest quality.

Does a silk pillowcase make a good gift?

In my opinion, it’s a resounding YES! Silk pillowcases can feel extravagant, and make the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t like to spend money on themselves. You can even get them monogrammed for an extra touch of luxury.

Now you have the perfect pillowcases, take a look at our article on mattress toppers or weighted blankets. Then check out our sleeping category page next!