What Is The Best Pressure Cooker, Australia 2021?

The best pressure cooker Australia 2021 has to offer, will make for a fantastic kitchen companion and a wise investment. Like many other appliances on today’s market. If you are on a quest to find the best pressure cooker in Australia, you have come to the right place!

 This article is a complete guide of all the very best quality pressure cookers available on the market for you to choose from. Whether you are interested in the best electric pressure cooker, best stovetop pressure cooker, best rice pressure cooker, a top of the range pressure cooker, a pressure cooker for under $100 or something in between, I have you covered.

I will not only outline the various amazing features available but additionally provide Pressure cooker reviews. First, compare pressure cookers with my handy chart, then read some detailed information further on.

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Our Pick for the Best Pressure Cooker, Australia

The Crockpot Express Crock Multi Cooker is the appliance I use myself at home and I can’t recommend it enough! It’s an excellent pressure cooker and also has a ton of other settings like slow cook, rice cook, sear and more. I make lamb shanks at least once a week and they always come out falling off the bone and super tender. The instructions are super clear and the controls are very easy to understand. Best of all, the price is extremely reasonable.

Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the best pressure cookers, Australia, that I’ve reviewed in this article. Use it to quickly and easily compare pressure cookers when you’re short on time.

Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker | Slow Cooker, Sauté, Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker & Food Steamer | 5.7L (4-6 People) | Removable Non-Stick Bowl | CPE200
Electric5.7 L
7.6 L
Prestige Alpha
Prestige 4L Alpha Deluxe Induction Base Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, 4.0-Liter
Stovetop2 L to
6.5 L
Tefal Secure 5 Neo Pressure Cooker, Silver, P2534438
Stovetop8 L4.6/5Check
Philips Viva
Philips Viva Collection All in One Multi Cooker/Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker with Anti-Scratch ProCeramic+ Pot, 6L, 1000W, Silver, HD2237/72
Electric6 L4.6/5Check
Instant Pot
Instant Pot Duo Nova Electric Multi Use Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel, 3L
Electric3 L
5.7 L
Hawkins Contura
Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker, Black, HawCB30, 3-Liter
Stovetop1.5 L to
6.5 L
MasterPro MPMULTICOOK 12-in-1 6L Multi Cooker, Silver/Black
Electric6 L4.2/5Check
Advwin 6L Electric Digital Pressure Cooker, All in One Big LED Display Multi Cooker, Nonstick Pot Rice Cooker, Slower Cooker, Black
Electric6 L3.8/5Check
Breville The Fast Slow Cooker BPR650BSS
Electric6 L4.3/5Check
Instant Pot Duo
Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer, Multi-Use Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer, Stainless Steel, 8L
Electric8 L4.7/5Check

Top 10 Pressure Cookers

  • Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker
  • Prestige 4L Alpha Deluxe
  • Tefal Secure 5 Neo
  • Philips Viva Collection All in One
  • Instant Pot Duo Nova
  • Hawkins Contura
  • MasterPro MPMULTICOOK 12-in-1
  • Advwin 6L
  • Breville The Fast Slow Cooker
  • Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer

What is a Pressure Cooker?

A pressure cooker, also referred to as a multi cooker, an all in one cooker or an instant pot, resembles an average stove pot, however the lid situated on top locks into place and creates a tight seal in preparation for cooking.

As the liquid in the pot boils, the steam pressure builds and is trapped by the tight seal of the lid. The high pressure increases the boiling point of water as well as obliging moisture and liquid into the food. This encourages the food to cook at a much faster rate than traditional cooking methods. This process is a blessing for those who are starved of time. The Best instant pot Australia has to offer is guaranteed to have you cooking the most delicious meals, in a fraction of the time of conventional cooking methods. The question is what is the Best pressure cooker on the market for your cooking convenience?

an image of best pressure cooker with vegetables

Pressure Cooker vs Slow Cooker?

If you love to cook, but are starved for time you may need a few tools to make cooking simpler, but the question is what is the best all in one cooker? The pressure cooker or the slow cooker?

Both appliances make for incredibly easy, hands off cooking after a very long day and both produce meals that make you look like Nigella Lawson’s protege, without slaving away in the kitchen. However, both appliances produce in very different ways. Depending greatly on your style of cooking we can determine which appliance would be the most suitable investment for your kitchen.

If you’re short of time, hungry right now and haven’t pre planned your dinner for the evening then you might be swaying toward a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker can quickly break down vegetables, meat and a variety of beans in a very speedy manner which is perfect if you are craving a falafel and hummus pita when you get home, but you’ve forgotten to soak the beans. You can throw the chickpeas into the pressure cooker, producing ready to go beans and relieving you of the waiting process. If this sounds like you, the best pressure cooker 2021 might be right up your alley.

Conversely, if you have a delicious recipe you would like to try and all the ingredients are ready to go, you are still starved for time, but are happy to wait several hours for the finished product, your style of cooking is better paired with a slow cooker. The slow cooker cooks at a low temperature, over an extended time, granting you the freedom to carry on with your day as you wish and is even safe to continue the cooking process overnight.  If you are eager to impress your family or friends with a mouth watering curry or a slow cooked ragu The best slow cooker pressure cooker is the perfect kitchen addition to your kitchen.

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Types of the Best Pressure Cookers, Australia

There has never been a better time to purchase a pressure cooker for your kitchen needs. Whilst old pressure cookers remind you of a hissing pot ready to explode, the new generation of pressure cookers are safe, time efficient and advanced with options for the modern cooking experience. 

The modern pressure cooker is available in two styles; the electric pressure cooker and the stove top pressure cooker. Though both types of pressure cookers function in fundamentally the same manner and are incredibly helpful devices to have in the kitchen, they also have significant differences in their aesthetics and heating mechanisms. It is important to be aware of these differences when considering the  best pressure cooker to buy to ensure you are getting the appliance that is best for you.


The stove top pressure cooker resembles a conventional stove top pot and lid combo and to a degree it behaves like one too. The stove top pressure cooker requires heat from your stove top to heat up the pot and create the steam needed to cook your meal. Though it may take longer than an electric pressure cooker to heat up, it is able to reach a higher operating pressure than an electric cooker and it can maintain this pressure for a longer time. It is also able to cool down at a much faster rate than the electric pressure cooker. The stove top pressure cooker is equipped with fewer settings making it an easier appliance to operate. If you are a person who is easily confused by multiple settings and buttons, or forgetful than the stove top pressure cooker is the viable option for you.


The electric pressure cooker differs from the stove top pressure cooker in that it contains a heating mechanism built into the appliance, meaning it can stand on its own. You can press the level of pressure you desire and the cooking function you require it to do, leaving the pot to finish what you started. Additionally it is also equipped with a convenient built in timer, alerting you when the pressure needs to be released and the meal is ready to devour, no need to keep an eye on the meal. A top rated electric pressure cooker is ideal for people who don’t want to keep an eye on the cooking process, or for individuals who are new to the world of pressure cooking. If this sounds like you continue reading to find out  What is the best electric pressure cooker on the market for your needs.

Features to Look for 

Pressure cookers are not all made of equal quality, but this should not make buying the perfect pressure cooker difficult. Features to look for when shopping for a pressure cooker include, but are not limited to; its capacity, the materials and build quality and ease of cleaning.


When it comes to choosing the ideal  pressure cooker for your kitchen it’s important to consider the appropriate size and capacity of your pressure cooker appliance. Pressure cookers come in various sizes, the one you choose depends on how many people you plan to cook for, whether you plan to prep food and freeze it and the amount of counter space you have in your kitchen.

If you are single and plan to cook for yourself you may want to invest in the best small pressure cooker, which is under 5 L and can accomodate to one or two people at most. This size pressure cooker is also ideal if you lack counter space in your kitchen. Contrastly, someone who is cooking for a family of 3-5 people would require a 5L-7L capacity pressure cooker to cater to all the hungry mouths to feed. If you find yourself hosting dinner parties regularly, enjoy making batches of food to freeze or are catering to a large family with more than 6 members you would ideally invest in a pressure cooker of 7.5L-10L capacity. Pressure cookers of 10L capacity or higher are generally used to cook large batches of food that you want to store or for catering purposes for over 15 people at one time.

It is important to bear in mind that the pressure can not be filled all the way to the top, only holding ⅔ capacity which will affect the amount of food you can make. My advice when you are selecting the ideal pressure cooker size for you is to buy larger to save the headache of your pressure cooker being too small.

Materials & Build Quality

Like many appliances available on the market, pressure cookers come in many shapes, sizes and vary in their build and material structure. Though the general aesthetic of the best quality pressure cookers are very similar on their exterior, it is the material used inside that is of utmost importance. 

Electric pressure cookers contain an insert, the part of the pressure cooker that food is cooked in. This is generally made of stainless steel or is nonstick. The difference between the two materials is their durability when cooking over time. On the one hand the insert that is non stick allows for a swift, easy clean up after cooking, however over time the coating can wear and chip away, requiring a replacement of insert. Conversely, the best stainless steel pressure cooker does not experience this problem, but requires it to be coated in oil to prevent food from sticking to the bottom of the pot. This makes the stainless steel the more viable option in purchase.

The Stove top pressure cooker is generally made with either stainless steel or aluminium, both materials are great choices, though the aluminium build has been reported to be a better heat conductor and therefore is a more ideal choice. 

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning can be the bane of a person’s existence, especially when it’s virtually impossible.

When considering your purchase, ensure you are looking for a pressure cooker that is easy to clean. Things to pay attention to are the easy removable seals, ensure it can be wiped down with ease and is dishwasher friendly.

It is worth noting that when purchasing your pressure cooker it may be beneficial to purchase two sealing rings, one for sweet dishes and one for savoury to deter from any mixing flavours after cooking and washing. 

Other Features

Pressure cookers can come with an array of additional features to make it stand out from the crowd, especially if it is the creme de la creme of pressure cookers you are looking for. Features you may want to consider are:

  • Handles: Easy to hold, sturdy handles are an additional feature to look for when you are considering your purchase, as pressure cookers can be heavy, especially when they contain food. This is especially important if you have a large pressure cooker, cooking for large families or catering. When looking for the right handles, ensure they are plastic coated or plastic to deter from burning your hands.
  • Preset timer:  Investing in an electric pressure cooker that is equipped with a convenient, built in timer that alerts you when the pressure needs to be released and the meal is ready to devour makes for a fantastic feature. It allows you to carry about with your day without having to keep an eye on your meal.

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Pressure Cooker Reviews, Australia

Take a look at our best pressure cooker reviews and choose which one is perfect for your home. 

Best Electric Pressure Cooker, Australia: Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker

Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker | Slow Cooker, Sauté, Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker & Food Steamer | 5.7L (4-6 People) | Removable Non-Stick Bowl | CPE200

The CrockPot Express Multi-Cooker is one of the best electric pressure cookers on the market and it is easy to see why. It is incredibly powerful, cooking food 70% faster than conventional cooking methods and it’s affordable for the average Australian family. 

The CrockPot Express Multi-Cooker is equipped with multiple cooking functions, 7 to be exact, which allows you to choose whether you want to slow cook a meal, saute or steam veggies, make a risotto or whether you would simply like to keep the food warm whilst you wait for guests to arrive for dinner. 

The Express Multi Cooker comes in two sizes, the 5.7 L and 7.6L, perfect for cooking for individuals and small families as well as larger dinners/ batch cooking and freezing food. Once you have finished cooking with your Express Multi Cooker, the pot cleans like a dream and the best news is it is dishwasher friendly, so it is fuss free!

With a recipe booklet included, this pressure cooker truly does go above and beyond in offering everything you need for a busy lifestyle to ensure meal times are quick, convenient, nutritious and delicious!


  • It contains 4 cooking style options, including  a slow cooker.
  • It contains an optional manual control and a delay timer which permits you full control of your cooking.
  • It is very affordable


  • It is only available in a small 5.7 L capacity

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Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker, Australia: Prestige 4L Alpha Deluxe

Prestige 4L Alpha Deluxe Induction Base Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, 4.0-Liter

If you’re searching for the best stove top pressure cooker Australia has to offer, the prestige alpha deluxe is a great choice to consider. The simple and traditional cooker is built from durable stainless steel and affordable for those who aren’t after anything fancy. 

The appliance comes with a range of safety features including a pressure indicator which gives you a visual signal when it is safe to open the lid. The Prestige Alpha Deluxe is also considered the best induction pressure cooker that gives people flexibility to choose the size and capacity. The pressure cooker comes in 7 different sizes ranging from 2L to 6.5L so you can take your pick deciding on how many people you need to cook for! 


  • Suitable for induction and gas cooking 
  • Durable 
  • 7 different sizes


  • No Automatic Shut off features 

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Tefal Secure 5 Neo

Tefal Secure 5 Neo Pressure Cooker, Silver, P2534438

Tefal is an extremely trusted and high quality brand when looking for kitchenware. This pressure cooker comes with a 10 year guarantee and is made of premium quality stainless steel for long lasting performance. It works on all types of cooktops, including induction and the handle is built from heat insulating resources to prevent burns. 

As suggested by the name itself, this top pressure cooker has a 5 safety feature which includes an operating valve, pressure indicator, safety valve, easy lock system and a lid gasket to ensure no leakage and mess free cooking. For the cooking enthusiasts out there, the Tefal Secure 5 Neo gives you complete control from start to finish! 


  • Large Capacity (8L) 
  • Cooks in less time in comparison to other cookers
  • 10 year warranty


  • Does not come with a timer 

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Philips Viva Collection All in One

Philips Viva Collection All in One Multi Cooker/Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker with Anti-Scratch ProCeramic+ Pot, 6L, 1000W, Silver, HD2237/72

The Philips Viva Collection All in one is highly rated amongst Australians as it is incredibly versatile. The range of pre programmed cooking options available and its great size makes it a top rated pressure cooker. The capacity is 6L making it perfect for feeding 4 to 6 people. The pro ceramic layer on the inside pot makes this model more durable than regular pressure cookers. 

This appliance is capable of slow cooking, pressure cooking, steaming, sauteing and is great for making desserts and yoghurts too. One of the best features of the Viva collection is that it comes with a keep warm function that allows you to prepare well ahead of serving time as the food will stay warm for up to 12 hours. 


  • Keep warm function 
  • Extremely user friendly with one-touch buttons
  • Durable thanks to the scratch-resistant inside pot


  • Some users complained that the manual isn’t very clear 

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Instant Pot Duo Nova

Instant Pot Duo Nova Electric Multi Use Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel, 3L

Developed in 2019, the Instant Pot duo Nova is definitely one of my top picks when it comes to finding the best rated pressure cooker globally! The instant pots have transformed both meal preparation and cooking, making it more convenient just by pressing some buttons. It is perfect for beginners with easy to read buttons so you can pick the function you need. 

The Duo Nova is an upgrade in the series and great in its overall functionality. There are 7 types of cooking methods that can be done: pressure cooker, saute, steam, slow cook, rice cooker, food warmer and yoghurt maker. The internal pot is removable and dishwasher safe, making it really easy to clean.


  • Extremely Convenient 
  • New and Improved easily sealed lid 
  • Available in different sizes 


  • Additional accessories for the pot can be expensive 

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Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker, Black, HawCB30, 3-Liter

Hawkins is one of the top brands assuming quality kitchen products for decades.  

Made from premium quality aluminium, the hard anodised exterior of the Hawkins Contura  pressure cooker absorbs heat faster and is more energy efficient than regular cookers.  

This appliance is certainly built to last and comes with a 5 year warranty. I personally love how this appliance is uniquely shaped and slightly curved, making it easier for both scooping and stirring. The handles also are designed to provide comfort for the user and offers protection from excess heat when the cooker is in use.


  • Portable 
  • 5 Year warranty 
  • Comes in 6 different sizes 


  • Only operational with gas stoves 

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MasterPro MPMULTICOOK 12-in-1

MasterPro MPMULTICOOK 12-in-1 6L Multi Cooker, Silver/Black

The Masterpro MPMulticook pressure cooker is a budget friendly option which is extremely simple and user-friendly. The temperature can be adjusted between 40°C and 200°C to cook a range of recipes and the 6L capacity is perfect for families.  

This pressure cooker offers all the functions that other cookers contain including a sous vide function. The MasterPro MPMulticook has a great display and is labelled really well so even a first time user will have a hassle free experience with the best programmable pressure cooker. Also, the pressure cooker comes with a removable steam rack, soup ladle, rice paddle and measuring cup making it a great package at a reasonable price.  


  • 6L capacity 
  • Comes with additional accessories 
  • Easy to use display 


  • One year warranty 

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Advwin 6L

Advwin 6L Electric Digital Pressure Cooker, All in One Big LED Display Multi Cooker, Nonstick Pot Rice Cooker, Slower Cooker, Black

This is an affordable pressure cooker with all the basic functions and a few added buttons for more programmed foods options such as porridge, cake, egg and bean/lentil which makes it that little bit different. The 6L capacity is great for larger families and can cater for  8 to 10 people.  

Claimed to cook up to 70% faster, the Advwin cooker comes with a 24 hour delay timer so you can prepare food beforehand and it will be ready to serve at your convenience. The non stick coating makes it easy to clean and the inner pot is also dishwasher safe.


  • Budget friendly 
  • Comes with accessories (Spoon, measuring cup and condensation cup)
  • 6L capacity 


  • Not too many reviews available  

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Breville The Fast Slow Cooker

Breville The Fast Slow Cooker BPR650BSS

This pressure cooker is relatively unique because it is a slow cooker and pressure cooker combined in one, allowing you to replace two appliances. The slow cook function allows you to cook on a low level setting for approximately 6 to 8 hours, whilst the high pressure setting will allow you to have the meal ready fairly quickly 

The 6 litre capacity of this machine is great for large families or people who frequently have guests come over. The cooker comes with a handy steam basket which is great for preparing vegetables and rice. The 3 safety feature consists of a safety locking lid, safety valve and pressure release button. 


  • Digital Display 
  • Non-stick coating makes it easy to clean 
  • Keep warm feature after slow cooking 


  • More expensive than other cookers 

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Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer

Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer, Multi-Use Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer, Stainless Steel, 8L

In 2019, the Instant Pot combined two of the most favourite kitchen appliances together. If you’re on the hunt for the best instant pot, the Duo Crisp combined with an air fryer is a life changing appliance that shouldn’t be missed. 

Equipped with a 1500 Watts heating element, this cooker allows you to cook frozen foods straight from the freezer with minimal preheating time required. Functions of the pressure cooker lid include: pressure cooking, steaming, slow cooking, sous vide cooking, food warming. The air fryer lid offers air frying, roasting, baking, broiling and dehydrating. 

Ultimately, this appliance does take a bit more room and may not be in everyone’s budget. However, if you’re looking for a 2-in-1 appliance, the instant duo crisp + air fryer is one of best digital pressure cooker brands available in Australia that is conveniently combined with an airfryer to make your life easier.  


  • 10 safety features 
  • Quick-cooking time 
  • Two interchangeable lids for pressure cooking and air frying 


  • Display has smaller buttons than other models 

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What are the best things to cook in a pressure cooker?

Beef stew/casserole is one of the most delicious meals to make in the pressure cooker. It is comfort food made in a fraction of the time with an explosion of flavour. Any recipe that uses meat on the bone should turn out beautifully though with soft meat and full flavours.

What is the best brand of pressure cooker?

Concise answer – one to two sentences

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